Below ye shall find a list of non-monetary ways you can help get this film made!

Resources Needed for Oniphron


   The items/resources needed for this film are as follows:

  • Real-ass looking wigs (Afro, Locks, etc.)

  • Authentic Chinese wardrobe (Woman’s gown and assassin’s attire)

  • A snow-covered field (Available in winter)

  • Trail in the woods

  • Semi-truck, moving truck, or garbage truck (Basically, a big f-ing truck and someone who wants to operate it)

  • Interior office or location that could be a hospital

  • One bedroom apartment (Available for 22 days)

  • Viking clothing and weapons (Sword, axe, helmet)

  • Civil War era guns with bayonets (3)

  • College Professor’s Office (Biology)

  • Medicine Storage Room

  • Cafe or empty storefront that can be set up as a cafe.

  • Original music to be featured in the film. All genres welcome.


Please contact us via with photos of the item you have or original music. Thanks!